Royal bison submission, holiday 2016

Here is my submission for the Holiday 2016 edition of the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair. There will be three new pieces produced to coincide with this event. Less focus will be given to older pieces, but a third edition of GHOST TOWNS OF SASKATCHEWAN will be available for the first time since it sold out a year ago. 

Please note, that the images depicted here are mock-ups for reference. Production schedule, pending approval of this submission, would be mid-October to mid-November, with final art in hand a few weeks prior to the event. As always, thank you for your consideration, it's much appreciated.


from the hip, 1987-2016

My favourite band from the release of Fully Completely in 1992, to the late '90s (somewhere around Phantom Power it get's blurry) was the Tragically Hip. I know that's a huge revelation for a white Canadian dude in his mid/late 30s. Even when I was going to grimy punk rock basement shows in Regina, I was listening to "Three Pistols" on the way back to Weyburn. FROM THE HIP, 1987-2016 continues on with the theme of deconstructing Canadian culture as was established in works like THE SONGS OF SNFU: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY 1984-2013 and AN (IN)COMPLETE VISUAL GUIDE TO DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH & DEGRASSI HIGH, 1987-1992. The Tragically Hip might be the most iconic piece of Canadian (pop) culture in the last 25 years. And for all intents purposes, that ended on August 20, 2016. Nothing has been as "Canadian" and nothing will likely be as "Canadian" again. It's a time, it's a place, it's a history. 

This project explores the complete chronology of the Tragically Hip's output from 1987-2016. 170 line drawings about 170 songs, drawn over the course of 14 days (September 14-27), this print depicts 14 albums worth of material from the Tragically Hip. (There's a lot of 14s in that last sentence.)

Two-colour screen print, edition of 100, retail $40. $10 from each print sold will go to Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research (


"BUNNY HUG" t-shirt

Saskatchewan's greatest gift to the world – the bunny hug. Known everywhere else in the free world as the hoodie, this black and white bunny hug is gloriously depicted in all it's fleece glory on a t-shirt. Irony, eh? One colour shirt, likely retail $30


"fuckin' A" T-shirt

My adopted home province, you may not have bunny hugs, but you're still beautiful. One colour shirt, likely retail $30